argumentative essay on the lost art of letter writing

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing Essay. 1143 Words 5 Pages. In the past week, how many texts, emails, or instant messages have you received? The majority of you would probably answer, “too many to count.” In fact, I would have the same answer as well. Now, think about how many handwritten letters have you received?
Over recent years, letter writing has been replaced by other ways of communicating. Technology has developed so rapidly that we now expect to be able to talk to people instantly - and get a response from them almost straight away. Rather than putting pen to paper, for most of us it now feels much more natural to send texts
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The lost art of letter writing deserves to be revived-Middle school Essay. By Education Free ... Before the invention of E-mail, how did people communicate when they lived far away from each other? the answer; Letter writing. Letter writing started ... the Polar bear! Combat Global Warming-Persuasive writing Essay/Article
The lost art of letter writing deserves to be revived-Middle school Essay.
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It provides jobs. When someone sends a letter it does not just magically appear in your mailbox. It goes to a place where people sort out all the mail then they are delivered to the local post office and from there are given out by mailmen. Reviving letter writing will be providing more jobs for people and with poverty increasing
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Argumentative essay on the lost art of letter writing.
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